The song was performed as the opening of the “INWARD SCREAM” concert at Nippon Budokan on August 1, 2006. This is an emotionally-heavy-weighted-song that can not be easily defined as a ballad song. Surely, many have been looking forward to listening to this song. To tell you the truth, this song was originally written some time ago and the band had just finished recording the rhythm sections before the Budokan show.

We had this song‘s basic idea since we worked on Withering to death. Unfortunately, we were never able to complete the song at that time. When we finally finished this song this time, I knew it immediately, that this would be our first track. Well, I guess there is no other suitable place to put it except for the opening. (laugh)
It’s not exactly a song that is suitable for somewhere in the middle of the album. Just by changing a tiny part of this song, let it be the style or playing, the feel of the song will be different. This is one of those songs that need meticulous precision in execution. It is a song that requires delicate handling.
The tempo of this song is very slow so if I had wanted to I could have added a lot of different phrases into it. But because of that alternative, I chose to approach the song with the opposite idea.