This new-edge tune that has developed further during the Nov-Dec Japan Tour was first performed at Nippon Budokan in summer 2006. The intensity is felt in the drastic switch from funk to ferocity in this song. Another dynamic song that cannot be categorized, what with the ambiance that is impossible to create even with unmatched technique, and impossible to perform by just leaving it up to the vigor and intensity. Although this approach was taken for this song, the fact that they steered away from mixture rock is something that reminds us that they are in fact Dir en grey.

In the beginning the song only consisted of the current second-half of the song. But I felt that if we had left it that way, it would end up being really mono-tone, so we tried for another approach with the arrangement of the song. The riffs in the final arrangement were not changed as much.
We can be spontaneous when we play the heavier part of this song. But until reaching that point, the song contains a lot of funk elements and we have to be conscious what to do. But it’s becoming more natural to perform the song after performing it many times during the tour.
It’s not easy to play this song during a live show in a right groove. The song goes on into a different dimension in the middle of this song. As a guitar player, the key of this song is what to do in the section right before turning out to be aggressive. We had so many ways of working on this song, so many different approaches that could have been taken. It’s true I kept on thinking what to do until the final deadline of the recording of this song.
The mix on this song is fantastic. After the final mix was completed, I was actually taken aback by the sound. When we heard the track the sound engineer, Mr. Konishi, presented to us, I thought it was awesome.