This 20th single of theirs that hit the 5th spot on the Oricon chart, caught the attention of the masses with the excessive expressions portrayed in animation. Devoted fans of the band are speculated to be able to tell which parts of the backing vocals belong to Die and Toshiya. Just so you know, I heard this song for the first time when I was on the bus during the Family Values Tour. Listening to the distinctive shouts by Kyo that is unlike his usual, a staff member on tour was misled into thinking that the song was by a different band altogether

When we re-recorded the song, I listened the old version and realized that my riff was basically ‘wrong’. I played the song under whimsical speculation. When I realized that, I got tired of myself. (laugh) I thought, it was a song that should have been re-recorded. But the song was, since before, one that suits me very well and is easy to play.
During the U.S. tour, I changed the melody transforming the song from what it was initially. This is a song that I can sing without much restraint.
Shinya: We played this song at the lives before the actual recording process. I thought that we were able to capture the live feel in the song. There was no need to ponder too deeply about this or that.