The song came to birth on the tour bus when the band was touring in America last summer. I will not point out which in particular but there are a few more songs which were made in America included in this album. According to Kaoru, usually when he comes up with some ideas, he records it on CDR, gives it to other members, and then starts discussing together after that. This is a heavy tune with the core kept at the base while developing it with emphasis on melody. This is another one of those fresh songs that one would not expect out of them.

The impression of this being new is definitely strong. It’s not something familiar yet natural.
My first impression was that it would be easy to put the melody into the song. On the other hands, easier songs sometimes make me think to push them up to higher level, and actually it turned out to be difficult to create melodies on this. I have to use my full vocal range on this song, but as a result I feel that I have found a new style on my vocals.
Of course the phrase for this song was also made in America and I think that all of the stimulation from that time is reflected to the song.
In a sense, this would fall under the group of melodious songs we have on this album. I think all the elements including the chords lean towards the melody. I think I had consciously tackled the song from that perspective to begin with. I think that this is completely new for us this type of song turned out to be this way, in this type of atmosphere.