The link between the heaviness and the tempo brings out the attribute of this song. Just as the title affirms, the song expresses anger and is conquered by heavy sounds to the extreme, albeit still maintaining hooks that catch everyone’s ears. That is definitely a point that needs to be noted. This also goes to show, the uniqueness and exclusivity of the band also.

A natural result. My vocal melodies on this was a simple response to the song.
The process of making this song was similar to what we went through to make “THE PLEDGE.” In the beginning we had no specific goal or direction for the song. We were just working with whatever that came to us there and then, discussing as we went along. It was at the arrangement stage that we started to be conscious about the final shape of the song.
I didn’t do anything that was not required. I simply took everything one step at a time but putting a lot of importance into it all.
Good arrange, isn’t it? It’s a simple song but it feels good. The heavy guitar and bass sounds do not kill each other, but instead co-exist proficiently in this song. However, the back-up vocals were really tough. Kyo is the one who decides all of the back-up parts, determining when it would be just one person singing or the whole band. It’s tough sometimes when you have to sing and play your guitar at the same time. Kyo doesn’t think about how difficult it can be. (laugh)