This song was originally released as their 19th single in July last year and re-recorded for this album. The band started working with a new recording engineer since that single. Even by looking at this change of environment, you could say that it offered the band a new prospect with this track. In addition, this song was also featured in THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR 2006 Live CD along with “Merciless Cult”, which was released at the end of last year. For your information, the Japan edition of this Live album will be released by TOSHIBA EMI this March.

This is a song that has become some sort of a point for us. To be honest, when we played this song during the last American tour, I wasn’t very confident. The single was never released in America, so no one knew the song. But, we got good response from the audience from the start, making us think that this song has evolved through our live shows.
We decided to re-record the song because the feel of the song changed for us after playing it for many times live. I had wanted to express the degree of the song so I took all the unnecessary parts out, leaving things as straight as possible.
Same thing with drums. The song evolved a lot during the American tour and that was why I felt the need to re-record it.
I have to admit myself that this is a pretty good song. (laugh) Well composed. I also feel the same when playing this song on stage. When the intro rolls in, you feel anxiety rise and then you just find yourself diving into the song.