Not that heavy, not that aggressive, but a Spanish-like sounding of guitars make this song so tasteful. It is easy to call this type of song “a ballad”,but I hate to do that because the presence of this song is really heavy and the song really rocks. The fact that they represent this type of song as rock, not a mellow ballad, really illustrates the maturity of the band throughout these past years. The lyrics are all in Japanese. The distinctive mood of the song that combines emotions and dramatics, is fully drawn out by the excellent and meticulous arrangement.

When Shinya first brought the song pattern to us, he already had some of the chords set and we started arranging from there. It was right before guitar recordings when we found out the right mood for this song as it is now. At that time, to tell you the truth, we did not see how it will all end up.

Using pianos or samples makes things easier when you create this type of song, but we didn’t want to chose easier way and we prefer to making it just with guitars, bass and drums. So, we had to think a lot and it took so long to find out how to figure it out. Like I said before, the final idea came up to me right before guitar recordings, and I immediately called Die to come to studio, and explained about this idea.
“This is something that I came up with, let’s go with this” he said, I took a listen to it, I thought that it was fascinating on the spot.
We firstly decided on the scale and length of the song, and by then, had recorded the rhythm parts. At that time, I too didn’t know how it would all end and was pretty much at a loss the whole time. But then I saw the outline of the song and ideas just started to rush out of me.
My original idea for this song was a 5-beats based guitar lick, actually it doesn’t exist anymore in the final version, but anyway it came out from me while I was playing drums in 5-beats. The drum parts were recorded before the whole idea of the song was decided, but I am very satisfied with what we ended up with.